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Note from the Editor

We felt it was time to bring something new on board and after having a good look at all the applicants we thought Bradley had what it took! So...welcome equk on board!

Reviewed Award

New Reviewer - equk

Hi, I'm B.Walden AKA equk on the forums. I was amazed when I heard OC3D were looking for new reviewers. Within minutes of reading the news I had sent off an email with all of my details, links to articles I had written & almost my CV.

I hope I can do OC3D justice as I know there are some amazing people on the team already. I already know a few of them quite well from being in the OC3D CounterStrike Source Clan.

I look forward to writing articles in the future and hope I will live up to the high standards already set by the previous reviewers.

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