New Seagate Drives On The Cards Page: 1

Seagate announced yesterday that they will be releasing several new lines of hard drives (aswell as upping the capacity of the more popular current models).
So far the lineup is:

Momentus 7200.2
The worlds fastest, highest-capacity 2.5-inch notebook drive

Momentus 5400 PSD drive - Higher notebook PC performance PLUS longer battery life

Momentus 5400.2 FDE drive - Locking down notebook PC data

Seagate ST18 Series hard drive - Breakthrough Capacity in a Credit Card-sized Package

Seagate LD25 Series drive - The next generation LD25 Series hard drive is targeted at a new generation of technology appliances

The DB35 Series drive - The newest member of the DB35 Series hard drives is available with up to 750GB

Barracuda ES hard drive - The Worlds Largest Capacity Enterprise Drive

Savvio 10K.2 hard drive - The Worlds Most Reliable Enterprise Drive is also Seagate's Coolest

8GB Pocket hard drive - eight gigabytes worth of digital content into your pocket

500GB and 300GB eSATA External Hard Drives - provide external data capacity and protection with speeds up to a 300MB/s (or 3Gb/s) interface rate

750GB Pushbutton hard drive - The world's first 3/4 Terabyte external hard drive

There is plenty more information on each individual drive at Seagate's site Here
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