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Official Press Release

ASUS SmartDoctor

ASUS recently introduced a new version of their SmartDoctor GPU overclocking software, featuring a world's first option of overclocking a card's stream processors separately from the GPU clock.

Before, a GeForce 8-Series graphics card's stream processors' clock correlated to that of the GPU. However, this was limited to a 2:1 ratio. ASUS's new SmartDoctor allows users to overclock their card's stream processors separately from the GPU, and thus bypassing this limitation. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, users can see up to a 25%* graphical performance increase.

This new version of SmartDoctor will be packaged with all GeForce 8-Series graphics cards and is also downloadable from ASUS support site.

GF8500GT Performance Comparison
GF8500GT GF8500GT

GF8600GT Performance Comparison
GF8600GT GF8600GT

*System Configuration
MB: P5B Deluxe REV:1.03G BIOS:0804
CPU : P4-2.66 GHz/8M Kentsfield-1066
Memory : 2048MB( DDR2-Transcend TS128MLQ64V8J 1024M*2)
Overclocking capability may be varied by different cards