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The wizards over at Blizzard have done it again.  A new trailer has been released for Starcraft 2 in anticipation of the game's release next week.  The CG cinematic sequence, titled "Ghosts of the Past", was the final unlockable feature of the Dominion site, a propaganda site for the game.

At this site, users were able to take quizzes and share content in order to unlock various content.  While this may seem like your typical gimmick to draw in fans, I'd say the result was well worth it.  The scenes depicted in the trailer are quite breathtaking, demonstrating a production quality rivaling that of the best animated films.  There's little doubt that Blizzard are among the best at what they do.

The cinematic shows scenes from the late history of the original Starcraft game and picks up where it left off, showing where some of the characters, particularly Jim Raynor, ended up.  Well enough talk, go see it for yourself:





(For optimal viewing, navigate to the Youtube page here and watch in full-screen HD)

To check out the rest of the "propaganda" unlockables, head over to the Dominion site here.

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