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New World OC FSB record
This week, a well-known overclocker nicknamed Youngpro broke the FSB world record with a FSB of 725Mhz using a TPower I45 Motherboard. Youngpro, who is based in Australia, was the first to reach 685MHz. He then later on crushed his original record with his most recent, 725Mhz. His secret was LN2, allowing him to get his E8500 to a stunning 5GHz clock speed. Here is the CPU-Z validation link. 

At the same time, other overclockers from around the world use the TPower I45 Motherboard to challenage overclocking limiations. An overclocker called Belgian Pt1t was the first to reach a FSB of 645MHz while using air cooling. He then lowered the temperature and reached a respectable 675MHz.

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