New Xbox 360 by Late 07, with IPTV Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 14/01/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: Engadget

New Xbox 360 Interface

So it seems like Microsoft is planning to further their efforts to become a part of everyone's home theater system. The release of the widely known Xbox 360 update has been scheduled for Q4 2007. The new Xbox 360 will be home to a new set of hardware upgrades that please even the pickiest of media advocates. These upgrades, including a higher capacity hard drive, more efficient processor, and high def digital output, set the strong basis for the IPTV interface that will be released with this upgrade. This all in the effort for Microsoft to increase fan base and create the dream system for home entertainment. The early adopters of the next gen Xbox seem to be left in the dust when it comes to this upgrade seeing as no plausible solution has been introduced as to an upgrade option for them, aside from buying a completely new system. So while early adopters are kicking themselves in the ass, people wanting to buy a 360 will be waiting several months in order to get the newer, better, even more entertaining system.

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