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Nvidia has given word that they will be putting out their latest high-end chipset, the 790i, sometime in quarter 2 of this year.  Combining the C73 northbridge and MCP55 southbridge, the 790i chipset will feature 1600Mhz CPU FSB, triple SLI, and DDR3 support.
There will be two flavors: the 790i SLI and the 790i SLI Ultra.  Like previous Ultra varieties, the 790i SLI Ultra will have better overclockability, as well as support for SLI DDR3 2000 modules.
Tri SLI on 790i?
The 790i will be replacing the 780i as Nvidia's high-end chipset for the Intel platform, which hasn't been doing to well due to the fact that it does not provide enough over the previous 680i chipset.  One thing to note is that several motherboard manufacturers have decided to delay or even stop development of their 780i boards to avoid problems during the transition.
Do you believe this new chipset will provide enough to warrant an immediate upgrade?
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