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Wii Fit

Nintendo Announces Wii Fit Step Pad for Fitness

Nintendo has just announced it's latest Wii peripheral, a Wii step pad to keep Wii owners in shape. The device will connect to your Wii via Bluetooth, and can measure Body Mass Index, and balance. The pad allows you to sit, stand, do pushups, and all kinds of aerobic excersize, and it will be used for the, to be released, Wii Fit title. The Wii has often times been hailed for it's weight loss aid to people through many of its titles such as Wii Sports, but now there will be a game specifically for that purpose.

Wii Fit seems like a great idea to keep you in shape, having fun, and working out. Hopefully, Wii Fit will contain mini-games aside from simply excersizing to keep players entertained.


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