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Nintendo Shows Off Wii Classic Controller PRO

The Nintendo Wii has a bit of an unorthodox primary controller, which makes it a bit difficult to play more traditional games with it.  This is where the Classic controller comes in.  Reminiscent of the early Super Nintendo controller, the design is perhaps a bit dated and less comfortable.  Enter the Classic Controller PRO. 

Bearing the same general main body shape, the PRO seems to be a sort of combination of the original Classic controller and previous Gamecube controller, adding handle grips and a few additional shoulder buttons.  Due to this configuration, some have already noted the resemblance to Sony's Playstation controller design.

The Classic Controller PRO is expected to hit the Japanese market sometime this summer.  While there is currently no word on a North American and European release, chances are it'll come eventually.

Does this updated design suit your tastes?

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