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No More Previous Classes For Diablo III
When Diablo III was first announced a couple months ago, only two character classes were revealed: the returning melee-powerhouse Barbarian and the new Witch Doctor class that bore a striking resemblance to Diablo II's Necromancer. After this, fans of this popular Blizzard series waited with bated breath for the rest of the classes to be revealed, hoping that other such classes from the previous installment as the Necromancer would make a return as well.
Blizzard has now dashed those hopes, saying that there are no plans to bring any other classes back from Diablo II. "Why was the Barbarian included?" you might ask. Lead Designer Jay Wilson says that it was simply because the previous Barbarian was not good enough, that there was "room for improvement."
Blizzard will most likely take the opportunity to announce the other three classes at their convention/LAN, Blizzcon.
Are you disappointed that you won't be able to play as your favorite class from Diablo II? Or are you excited by the prospect of new classes to explore?
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