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No PlayStation 3 until 2007 for Europe
The launch of Sony's play station 3in Europe has been delayed until March 2007. Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony's global computer entertainment division, said the console would still be launched in November in the US and in Japan. Mr Kutaragi blamed the European delay on problems in mass producing elements of the high-definition Blu-ray disc drives in the machines.


And it turns out that the console thing won't have a HDMI cable, either. What are we going to get come March, a £ Buyers of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 won't be getting an important cable. According to the official US Sony Play station 3 website, the new console will not include an HDMI cable. An HDMI cable will be required for those who want to watch Blu-ray discs at 1080p resolution and for others who want the best quality picture on their digital television sets.


The reason for not including the cable could be as simple as the high cost. In addition, buyers of the PlayStation 3 might already own an HDMI cable from a previous DVD player or television set purchase.