No ULCPC Chip For AMD Page: 1
Contrary to previous reports, AMD will not be manufacturing a chip to compete against Intel's low-cost, low-power Atom CPU. Not yet anyways. Marketing Chief Nigel Dessau gave word that too small to be able to focus on putting out such a chip, though they will continue to monitor the market for possible future products.
"We are not saying it's not an important segment and we're not saying it's not a growing segment," Dessau said. "What we are saying is that we are a smaller company and we have to focus on what we do well at this point. We are watching that segment rather than playing in it, but as it matures we'll see where it goes. At this moment, we are going to focus on what we do best."
AMD already has quite a bit on its plate, with their recently announced Puma notebook platform, future 45nm CPUs, and server platform products. Despite the growing popularity of the ULCPC platform, this is probably the right move for AMD, especially since Intel's Atom has already claimed quite a bit of the playing field.
Will this decision allow AMD to focus on its other products and pull something off to snatch market share from Intel? Or will they end up regretting not jumping while they still possibly could?
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