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Overclocking, that's why we are here right? To eek out every last MHz from our components in an effort to beat the banker deal or no deal style! Trouble is when overclocking the trade of is an increase in heat [sad face].

Here at OC3D we have been lucky enough to have tested many of the quality coolers from Noctua, one of which the NH-D14 is as far as we are concerned THE best air cooler on the planet. Not only is it the best performing air cooler we have ever tested, but is also about as close to silent as you are ever going to get.

But now the time has come for us to share the love, thanks to Noctua we have a pretty large haul of Noctua Cooling goodies to give away to our forum members! If you take a look below there's not 1 but 3 NH-D14's to give away, 2 NH-U12P SE2's and 5 Noctua cooling kits!

With prizes like these you must be wondering what the hell you have to do to have a chance of getting your hands on them? Well its all very simple, you just need to be a member of our forums JOIN HERE and go to THISthread and pretty much tell us why you should win. This could be pictures of your current cooling system and why it needs updating, it could be telling us why you think Noctua are epic, hey I'm always in the mood for an ego boost tell me too! The possibilities are endless, the more effort you put in the better a chance you might have. At the end of August the OC3D team and Noctua will get together and decide who is best....

Noctua Cooling Competition

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Normal OC3D competition rules apply. EU Entrants only. Winners will be announced on the 1st of September.