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Noctua Cooling Competition

Noctua Cooling Competition 

Recently we launched our competition with our friends at Noctua, we have been singing their praises for months about the bohemoth that is the NH-D14 we felt it was about time we shared the love with our forum members. But in a final twist when the competition went live the only requirement was imagination. Yep thats right we left it completely up to our forum members sleep deprived caffine addicted minds. We were a bit worried it would go drastically one way or the other.... It did.

So good were the entries we felt it was only right they got some front page air time, to show their friends families and more than likely their mental health practitioners! So without further adue lets see who won what, and what they did to get it!


First Prize was one of 3 Noctua NH-D14's:

1st  - Runebeard
2nd - Chudley
3rd  - Alien/ ScottyMcGroogerballs (damn forum name changers)

Second Prize was one of 2 Noctua NH-U12P's

1st  - Alexhull
2nd - AMDFTW

Third Prize was one of 5 Noctua Cooling Kits

1st  - Taurus
2nd - Valor
3rd  - Frantuga
4th  - Socks
5th  - Runebeard - (We thought Runebeards entries were so good he deserved one of these aswell!)

Runebeards entries were so good he gets the front page lovin that Luis Lane always craves, but please do check the following pages for the best of the other entries, just make sure you are not drinking your tea at the same time ;)


First Prize Runebeard

OC3D Man Comic


 Noctua Cooling Competition - Winning Entries  



Head over the page to see even more reasons why some of our forum members need institutionalising!

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 Noctua Cooling Competition

More Winning Entries

2nd Place winner Chudleys entry is very much worth a watch, keep an eye open for the latest and greatest Batman & Robin to make an appearence!


3rd Place but still an NH-D14 winner is Alien/ScottyMcGroogerballs, we are pretty sure he changed his forum name on the off chance he might win! Alien is a relative new comer to the OC3D forums, his twisted mind coupled with too much spare time and oodles of imagination has meant he settled in pretty fast! The original photoshop entry was good, but it was the awesome sauce that really cracked it for him!

Heres part of his first entry (there were quite a few images!)

Noctua Cooling Competition - Winning Entries  Noctua Cooling Competition - Winning Entries


Here is the entry that we felt clinched the top spot for him though,  I can see this being used in the future for stag nights and birthdays - oh joy!


 Noctua Cooling Competition - Winning Entries  


Head over the page to see even more winning entries.

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Noctua Cooling Competition

Second Prize NH-U12P Winning Entries

Alexhull24 entered twice in the competition but we felt his second entry showed a great amount of time and effort hence why it bagged him an NH-U12P!

Noctua Cooling Competition - Winning Entries


AMDFTW felt dancing was the way forward for his entry, really does look like he belongs on a podium at a sweaty club in Ibiza rather than listen to Limp Bizkit! Could make a very interesting advert as to why people should not use Cif cleaning products though........


A big thanks to all the entries, make sure you post back in the forums to show us how you are getting on with you well earned prizes. Obviously this competition could not have been possible with out the help of the guys from Noctua.