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Official Press Release

Noctua presents Xeon Mounting-Kit & NH-U12F Xeon Edition

Noctua today announced the availability of a new mounting kit for Intel Xeon processor socket as well as a new Xeon-Edition of the much acclaimed NH-U12F and NH-U9F coolers. The NH-U12F was a very highly performing HSF and was a pretty much silent cooling solution, but at first did not support any of the Xeon CPU sockets. Thankfully Noctua have seen to it and now both the NH-U12F and NH-U9F support Sockets, 771 and 604. The only downside to the cooler is that it is rather expensive.

"Maximum cooling performance at minimum noise levels and excellent reliability can be particularly important in the world of high-end workstations and special server applications", explains Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "We've received lots of requests regarding Xeon compatibility and we're pleased that we're now able to provide Xeon
mounting-kits as well as a Xeon-Edition of the NH-U12F and NH-U9F upon request. Finally, Xeon-based systems can benefit from the performance and quality of our coolers too!"

Image of new Xeon Mounting brackets.

More infmation for the NH-U12F can be found here.
And more infomation on the NH-U9F can be found here.

I don't believe OC3D has done a review on these heatsinks, I think one should be in order!
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