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Austrian cooling solutions maker Noctua today released two new coolers for AMD Opteron based servers and workstations under its DO series. Named the NH-U12DO A3 and the NH-U9DO A3, the new coolers take Noctua’s renowned cooling to a new height.

Both the new coolers are based on Noctua’s highly acclaimed and awarded NH-U series platform. Built with six heatpipes, a highly optimized fin stack, and an extra large contact surface that makes for unparalleled cooling, the new NH-U12DO A3 and the NH-U9DO A3 is ideal for AMD’s socket G34 CPUs.

Also on board the coolers are two of Noctua’s exclusive NF-P12 and NF-B9 premium fans, which provide exceptional airflow without too much noise. The entire contact surface of the coolers has been coated by Noctua’s industrial-grade NT-H1 thermal compound. This enhances the already exceptional cooling capabilities of the coolers.

Last but not the least is the mounting system for the coolers – the new NM-A3 SecuFirm2 system means the coolers support both Socket F and the new generation G34 and C32 sockets from AMD. Another plus point of the new mounting system is that the coolers can easily be installed rotated by 90o to achieve optimal positioning and do away with compatibility issues on dual socket motherboards.

"Our DX and DO line of coolers for Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron have made a name for themselves in the professional server and workstation market, but recently, many of our industry clients have requested support for the latest G34 based Opteron CPUs", explained Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "The new A3 models now allow us to satisfy this demand and we're confident that many G34 builders will be relieved to hear that there's finally a quiet cooling solution for this platform."

Noctua has already released the NH-U12DO A3 and NH-U9DO A3 coolers to retailers with a suggested retail price of $64.90 and $54.90 respectively.

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