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Nokia to move ahead with their 4G plans
As reported in our article back in late December, Nokia were making progress with their LTE (Long Term Evolution) network.  Since then Nokia have taken steps forward in their plans for a 4G wireless network by signing up Sony Ericsson, NEC and Alacatel-Lucent.  The framework deal also involves NextWave Wireless and Nokia Siemens Networks.

The companies have formed a licensing framework for their patents for the emerging mobile standard, and have committed to keeping royalty payments for use of essential LTE patents low to give the technology the best chance of success.

The deal will add momentum to LTE, which is seen as a direct competitor to Wimax, which is being pushed by Intel.  The competition between LTE and Wimax will be the reason they have agreed to keep royalty payments low.  With Wimax having a slight head start, Nokia will be wanting to have their technology progress as fast as possible to catch up. 

LTE is a faster and more long distance wireless system compared to 3G and is currently being rolled out in the US and China.

Nokia and its partners believe LTE is the way forward for mobile phones, as well as laptops and even fixed broadband connections, replacing wi-fi while Intel believe Wimax represents the future of wireless communications.

Chief executive Paul Otellini said in a recent interview that in a year's time 10 million people would be using Wimax, rising to "hundreds of millions two years after that".

"We see Wimax as the most cost-effective way to deliver high-bandwidth wireless broadband," he said.

Currently there are a few Wimax-enabled devices that have been produced with Nokia themselves releasing a Wimax-enabled internet tablet.  However, they pulled out of their partnership with Intel to look at putting 3G connections onto laptops alongside Wimax.
While it's probably going to be some time before we see it in the UK, LTE is showing great promise.  The increased connections speeds coupled with the extended range over current 3G is something to look forward to.
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