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I opened the box to be presented with the following:

Fans and Grills

The Fans look good but lets take a quick look at the Grills first.

The Grills

The Grills come individually wrapped in plastic with some blurb on them.

"Look Great & Feel Great - Great to decorate blowholes, power supplies, and HSF to replace existing boring chrome wire grills"

Interesting certainly. Accurate: I do not think so.

Quality: The accuracy of cut and actual make of the grills is generally good. They are cut well and form the shaped they are meant to.

The Problem

The problem I have can be seen below

Norma Fan Grills

Norma Grills

As you can see we have various designs ranging from Skulls to the entire Zodiac.

Norma Fan Grills 2

I have to say that although the cut and quality of the grills is ok and the airflow is good I don't like the colours on the grills.
If you want to customise your fan grills - you will do it yourself. I think Norma should perhaps keep to doing fan grills in plain colours with more plain designs.


Well made


Colouring not needed
Designs may not appeal to all.
Not very "cool"

Reviewed award

Read on for Norma's fans....perhaps a bit more positive...

Norma LED Fans & Grills Page: 2
Introducing Norma Fans...

Norma have also sent me three of their 80mm fans to take a look at. I have to say these are very reminiscient of these fans from ThermalTake. I think the same factory may be involved. This is a pretty good sign as ThermalTake make decent quality fans.

They are generally built fairly well and look nice in the light.


The Fans are packed in platic with a cardboard back with all the specs on it. It has to be said that the packaging is very tacky. With the logo "Rainbow Fan" and the proviso: "excellent" your not encouraged a whole lot. Hopefully Norma sort this out a bit more.



Rated Voltage Power consumption Fan Speed Airflow Noise Level
12v(DC) 3.6W 2000RPM 29m³/h 17CFM 29dB(A)

Not too bad overall. After switching them on I can say that the fans feel like they produce 17CFM and this isn't too bad for a more "flashy" 80mm fan.


The fans are quite whiney but 29dB(A) isn't that loud. They are not for the quiet enthusiast so if your looking for a quiet fan stop reading!


Light shot

Light Shot

All in all what you would expect in any normal 80mm fan. I have to say at this point that the "front" of the fan will not fit below a grill as it is protuding past the flat top.

All in all nicely put together and fairly solid

Dark Shots

The fans look very good under low light. They certainly add that "factor" to a case in the dark.

My favourite was the fan that displays information on the temperature of the fans surroundings. This was very accurate and I compared it to a digital thermometer with good results in a few situations. This would be very useful if you wanted a quick check of your case temperature.

The Temperature Fan..

Temp shots

The Red Fan...

Red fan

The Blue/Pink Fan. This fan glows blue, with a pink pattern in it...

Blue/pink fan

The fans are excellent in action. I have taken a couple of low quality video's of them for you.

Temperature information Fan

Red Fan

Blue/Pink Fan

Fan Conclusions

The fans are very good pieces of kit and certainly worth picking up if you want to add some colour to your case. If I had to pick on I would certanly pick the temperature fan as it is pretty useful as well as looking good. The fans by Norma are certainly comparable in quality to the big manufacturers, so don't be put off by a relatively unknown name.

Recommended award


Look great
Well built
Not too loud


Not amazing airflow
Front doesn't fir flush for Fan grill

General Conclusion

I think that Norma have missed the market with the fan grills. In all honestly they are just tacky. The colours are an ok theory, but do not work. Signs of the thanks!
The fans are a different kettle of fish altogether. They are nicely built with a smart little PCB for the LED's and cool pretty well as well as looking good.

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