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NVIDIA 8800GT's starting to make an appearance

Even before the ink has dried on NVIDIA's NDA surrounding the 8800GT graphics card, we are starting to see images of the card starting to do the rounds on the www.

The first cab off the rank is MSI's variant of the 8800GT

MSI 8800GT

Find out more from Donanimhaber (if you speak Turkish)

Secondly, FOXCONN made sure that people were aware that their 8800GT was ready to go by jumping the gun significantly. Blatantly ignoring the current NDA, someone at FOXCONN decided that it would be cool to post up a product page outlining all the details including an image of what the card will look like...Thank you FOXCONN.
NVIDIA soon got wind of the leak and promptly forced the removal of the page. Luckily for us, the lads at TechConnect made sure they got a screenshot of the product page before it was pulled.


(above image courtesy of TweakTown)

8800GT specification screenshot

(specification screenshot courtesy of TechConnect)

It will be interesting to see if other VGA manufacturers continue with the reference cooler, or run with their own cooling solutions.

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