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Nvidia believes DirectX 10.1 is not Important
Recently, information leaked from Nvidia's up and coming reports shows that the new GTX 260 and 280 will not support Microsoft's DirectX 10.1. The interesting part is the reason why:
DirectX 10.1 includes incremental feature additions beyond DirectX 10, some of which Geforce 8/9/200 GPUs already support (multisample readback for example)
The limes have said that when in the design phase of the GTX 200's it had talked to some key developers and the feedback they got indicated that "DirectX 10.1 is not important". Thus Nvidia will concentrate on delivering better performance and core efficiency.
We think, like many other sites, that Nvidia are not moving to 10.1 because it would look silly with only two cards in a series supporting it. But more importantly ATI will then be the leaders as they have been in the 10.1 game for a while now.
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