Nvidia CEO adamant Fermi is on track Page: 1
Fermi Still on Track
It seems a long time ago now that details of the next generation of NVIDIA cards were first circulated. Since then ATI have released the 58xx series and NVIDIA have even demoed an "engineering sample" of Fermi that was later proved to be anything but.
However, the NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang has released an interesting statement on the matter.
“Next year it is going to be an interesting first quarter because, in fact, we will need more wafers than ever in Q1. The reason for that is because – and I mean more 40nm wafers than ever in Q1 –we are fully ramping Fermi for three different product lines: GeForce, Quadro and Tesla.”
“We will be fully ramping MCP89. We will be fully ramping Tegra. Not to mention the 40nm products that we currently have that are fully ramped up, and so I am expecting Q1 to be a pretty exciting quarter for us because we just have so many new products.”
"We continued to make progress in the third quarter with healthy market demand across the board. Revenue was up from a year ago, with improvement in each of our PC, professional solutions and consumer businesses. It’s great to see us shipping orders with our Tegra mobile-computing solution, and growing enthusiasm for our Tesla platform for parallel computing in the server and cloud-computing markets."
Make of that what you will.
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