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NVIDIA debuts nForce570 LT SLI to target AMD 570X

Right after AMD announced a new chipset 570X that supports CrossFire in a 8X + 16X configuration, NVIDIA comes out with another chipset known as Nforce570 LT SLI.

NForce570 LT SLI should be similar to the nForce570 SLI with reduced functions, but it turns out that 570 LT SLI is way apart from the 570 SLI. For example, for SATAII: 4 VS 6, 570 LT SLI also removed TCP/IP Acceleration and Dual net etc.

nForce570 LT SLI seems to look like the nForce560, compared to nForce560, NForce570 LT SLI has an additional Dual 8X SLI functionality. The rest are just like the NForce 560.

Looks like nForce 570 LT SLI is aimed at the AMD 570X chipset.

nForce 500

Disappointing really...

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