Nvidia Don't Plan Future AMD Motherboards Page: 1
No More Nvidia AMD Chipsets
Nvidia are most popular for their graphics cards, but they've had their fair share of successful motherboards as well. However, following the release of Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 processors, using sockets 1156 and 1366, they have also said they aren't planning to release another AMD chipset either. Nvidia claim that since AMD's CPU business is going badly, there is not enough demand for them to invest in the development of an AMD chipset, despite the recent surge of popularity into AMD's Phenom II and Athlon II range of processors.
Nvidia say they will continue to produce their ION chipsets, and ION 2 is well under way, after the success of ION the first time around. Is this the end of Nvidia in the motherboard market?
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