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nVidia enable hybrid PhysX in 257.15 drivers

As you may know, since they released their 186 drivers, nVidia have disabled the PhysX capabilities of their cards whenever a non-nVidia GPU is detected. There have been patches to work around the PhysX limitations, but it seems that they may now be obsolete if nVidia’s latest driver release is anything to go by.

This is great news for users of hybrid setups, with an ATI card for graphics and an nVidia card for physics. This may also prove to be good news for nVidia, winning over some die-hard ATI fans wanting to use a mid-range card for PhysX.

nVidia don’t seem to have the drivers available on their site, so this may be an error on their part that they’re trying to cover up, but a quick google should turn up plenty of sites offering the drivers for download.

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