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Nvidia G92 GPU launch brought forward

Never one to miss an opportunity to upstage the opposition; Nvidia looks set to ruin AMD's launch of their new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670). Sources close to the graphics card manufacturer have hinted that Nvidia is in fact bringing forward the launch date of its upcoming GeForce 8800 GT (G92) GPU to October 29 from the original launch date of November 12.

With G92 and RV670 having a tight performance/price ratio, Nvidia's earlier launch should give the company an advantage in the market, noted the sources. In addition to G92, Nvidia will also launch the G98 GPU to replace the GeForce 8600 series, however the launch date has not yet been set, added the sources.

To add further fuel to rumour, Nvidia has placed orders with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) for its G92 graphics chips, with the foundry's 12A fab processing 5,000-6,000 wafers for the graphics card giant.

Although Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) remains Nvidia's major foundry partner, the graphics chip vendor has also placed orders with UMC for its G92 chip, as it steps up output ahead of the upcoming launch of its mid-range chip...

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