NVIDIA G9x 9800 Picture and 8800GTS 640MB Developments Page: 1

NVIDIA G9x 9800 Picture and 8800GTS 640MB Developments

A picture of the upcoming G9x series cards has been leaked. There are however no details but it is likely this card will be the 8800GT 512mb.


Now, any 8800GTS 640mb owners pay close attention to this table:
640mb GTS revisions

What does this mean? If you already own the 8800GTS 640mb graphics card, you will be aware it has 96 stream processors, the 8800GTX has 128, 32 more giving the GTX around a 20-30fps boost.

New 8800GTS 640mb cards will be made on a revised SKU - 0008, which has 112 stream processors, 16 more which is likely to result in a 10-15fps boost over existing 8800GTS 640mb models.

It would seem the 8800GTS 320mb will become EOL (End Of Line) replaced by the improved 8800GT and new 8800GTS 640mb performance will lie exactly between current 8800GTS 640mb and 8800GTX cards.

Great news for people who buy the new 640mb GTS, as a current 640mb GTS owner there is a bitter taste in my mouth, I hope these stream processors can be unlocked.

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