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NVIDIA GPU memory checker
Imran Haque, a member of the [email protected] team has taken it upon himself to develop a memory tester to test for "soft errors" in the GPU memory or logic for NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs. Using a variety of proven testing methods, some of which are based upon Memtest86 the MemtestG80 software verifies the correct operation of the GPU memory and logic. This will pick up any errors that may have gone unnoticed, offering the assurance that the GPU can carry out it's calculations without fault.
Basically, the idea is that we wanted to put out a code to test GPU memory that's roughly equivalent to Memtest on CPUs. If you run FAH heavily on a GPU, it's a good idea to check out your GPU memory, just as one would run tests on CPU memory.
You can grab a copy of MemtestG80 here.
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