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NVIDIA Hybrid SLI For Notebooks First Then Desktop

...Our sources told us that Hybrid SLI will be implemented on notebooks initially and later into desktop. In battery mode, the integrated graphics will work only but when plug in, the discrete graphics will kick in and work together with the integrated graphics to improve performance. Hybrid SLI will compete against the AMD Power XPress technology and will arrive at least a quarter earlier. It seems Hybrid SLI is a notch better than Power Xpress since for the latter, only discrete graphics will work while integrated graphics is left to idle. Perhaps AMD will counter back with a Hybrid Crossfire solution. HKEPC mentioned that future integrated GeForce motherboard and discrete GPUs will collaborate to enhance capabilities, performance, as well as reduce power. Depending on the processing demands of each application, the discrete GPU may be completely shutdown to save power or power up to deliver maximum performance.

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