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Nvidia jumps on OpenGL 3.0 Drivers a day after the new specification was released
Nvidia has announced the release of a new series of drivers, a beta version, which comes with support for the recently unveiled OpenGL 3.0 standard from the Khronos Group. The new drivers are meant to implement the OpenGL 3.0 API and the GLSL 1.30 shading language for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, and work for selected GeForce and Quadro graphics boards. The capabilities of the new cross-platform and 3D graphics standard can now be explored by any developer. Nvidia also announced that production drivers for the new OpenGL 3.0 standard will be released as part of its regular driver development program.
"OpenGL 3.0 is a significant advance for graphics standard and we're proud that NVIDIA has played a major role in developing it," said Barthold Lichtenbelt, Manager, Core OpenGL Software at NVIDIA and chair of the OpenGL working group at Khronos. "OpenGL 3.0 will be a first-class API on both GeForce and Quadro boards. Shipping drivers two days after this new specification is released demonstrates our strong commitment to the OpenGL developer community and our partners who rely on the standard."
Now that NVIDIA has rushed out their OpenGL 3.0 drivers, it probably won't be long before AMD do the same.
Download the 177.89 OpenGL 3.0 driver here
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