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Nvidia Keeps Quiet About VIA Based Platform
Nvidia has yet to give any more information about its chipset and platform which is based on a VIA CPU. Nvidia showed off and announced the plans for the new platform and cooperation with VIA at Computex, in June 2008 but there has yet to be any more announcements.
The plan is for Nvidia's platform, which is powered by VIA's CPU, will be the main rival for Intel's Atom as companies are getting fed up of Intel's leadership in the Netbook market. There is a huge chance that the friendship between VIA and Nvidia will knock Intel from their throne as Intel just cannot get enough Atom CPUs produced. This shortage means that there are very few Atom powered notebooks around and our predictions show that the shortage will still be with us until Christmas. Nvidia hopes that consumers will be impressed with the multimedia capabilities of the platform.
Nvidia has also let on to the planned future of Tegra - It will not be going into notebooks and instead into MIDs and mobile phones, Tegra is expected Q1 2009.
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