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Nvidia Kepler

Information about Nvidia's new Kepler GPU's has been leaked out onto the Internet recently, which shows the apparent "Next Generation Performance" chart against the current 500 series cards.

The information has not come from an official source so we will leave it up to yourselves if you want to believe it or not. 

If the values are true then this seems a great leap in performance from shrinking the die size compared to the last generation cards but how will they fair up against the 7000 series from AMD. This leaves us feeling as if AMD have concentrated to much on beating the 500 series cards than thinking what Nvidia may have planned for the up coming months. Its obviously a speculation at the moment however we all do like a little bit of gossip once and a while.

The Geforce branding seems to have been used again with the new cards being the 700 series and contains five cards within the range:

1. GTX 790 - Dual Chip Flagship/GK-110 (replacement for GTX590)

2. GTR 785 - Specs Currently Unknown

3. GTX 780 - Single Chip Flagship/GK-100~GK-112 (replacement for GTX 580)

4. GTX 770 - Performance Segment/GK-104 (replacement for GTX570)

5. GTX 760 - Mid End Segment/GK-104 or GK-106 (replacement for GTX560Ti)

The new Kepler based GPU's are set to completely dominate their predecessor with a performance gain of 1.5-2x. All GPU's have said to be tested on the same setup each time which was a core i7 processor clocked at 3.4 Ghz and tested on  battlefield 3 at 2560x1600 resolution, ultra preset and 4xMSAA.

Nvidia Kepler

From looking at the image it would look like the GTX 790 would be even faster than than Sli'd GTX 590's. along with the performance gain of GTX780 and GTX770 to be also 2 times the performance of the older gen cards.

The mysterious GTR 785, could it be a Dual-Chip or a fully unlocked GK-112 based GPU.

Reports suggest that Nvidia may unveil the Kepler in some form during CES 2012 however no news on a launch date has been released.

For more information about the comparison specs please see attached image .

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