Nvidia Planning CUDA Anti Virus Page: 1
CUDA Anti Virus
Nvidia have finally found a strong selling point for their CUDA technology, the language used for offloading highly parallel tasks on to the GPU. It's acclerated virus scanning, allowing faster scanning times and allowing the CPU to carry on with it's usual tasks, as it's a highly parallel task. This would be a hugely successful move for Nvidia, opening up the mainstream segment of the market to more users, due to this technology.
If Nvidia could get some major security software companies onboard, then they could steal away users who typically go for Intel or AMD based systems with onboard graphics. The GPU accelerated scans would make the systems feel alot more responsive. Nvidia’s General Manager of Cuda Sanford Russell confirmed that he and his team were working on offloading the work of scanning for viruses on to the GPU, but said no more.
It is not yet known if this will go ahead, but it's certainly alot more useful than current consumer based CUDA applications.
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