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Nvidia Price Cuts Imminent
Last month we reported that retailers and e-tailers alike were beginning to sell more ATI cards than Nvidia cards.  Statistics now show that since the release of the HD 4000 series, AMD's graphics market share has jumped up to 40%.  AMD expects to bring that number up further, believing they will be able to lay claim to half the market after dropping their prices further.
The pressure is on for Nvidia, and they're giving into it.  Word has been given that in order to counter AMD's move, Nvidia will soon be cutting prices for the GTX 200, 9800GT, and 9600GT series cards.  Unfortunately, the amount of these cuts is currently unknown.
Overall, price cuts can only be good for the consumer.  Reiterating on whats been said over and over now, it's nice to see AMD/ATI pushing Nvidia back after such a long time.
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