Nvidia Pushes Back GTX 275 Release Page: 1
Nvidia Pushes Back GTX 275 Release

With a new month about to start heralding new graphics cards out of both major parties, it seems that Nvidia has decided to push back the date of their offering a bit.  Originally, AMD and Nvidia were set to have a head-to-head release of cards, the HD 4890 and the GTX 275, on April 6th.  While the launch date remains the same on Nvidia's side, the actual release date has been pushed back a week to April 13th.  Not only that, but it seems the card will feature lower clocks than some had previously forecasted, though no concrete numbers have been given.  AMD seems to have taken advantage of this decision, moving up the release of their card to April 2nd, likely in hopes of increasing their headstart.

Is Nvidia perhaps underestimating AMD?

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