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NVIDIA has been really aggressive with its graphics card launches off late. However, the chip maker put aside its aggression today to quietly add a new GeForce card to its lineup. The new card is the GeForce GT 440, which is aimed at the desktop market.

Looking at the pictures, it is not hard to guess what the specifications of the card are like. The card is most likely based on the GF108 GPU from the Fermi family. It should come with 96 CUDA Cores just like its predecessor, the GT 430. From the pictures, the PCB is clearly seen to be a full-height one, which an active and large cooling fan positioned, right on top.

In terms of clock speeds and stuff, the GeForce GT 440 comes with its GPU clock set at 810 MHz while the shader clock is running at 1620 MHz.  The memory interface is 128-bit and capable of accommodating either a 512MB GDDR5 module running at 3200 MHz or a 1GB GDDR3 running at 1800 MHz.

The card is powered through the PCI-Express x16 slot, which delivers the 75W necessary to run the card. So there is no need for an external power supply for the card. Display outputs include D-Sub, DVI, and HDMI.

The card has already reached most NVIDIA partners, who are gearing up to come up with their own reference and customized models shortly.

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NVIDIA Quietly Releases GeForce GT 440 GPU for Desktops  NVIDIA Quietly Releases GeForce GT 440 GPU for Desktops