Nvidia ready R180 Drivers Page: 1

Nvidia's @Big Bang 2'Nvidia are to release the new ForceWare R180 drivers in September. With some new features and performance boosts, Nvidia have named the upcoming release 'Big Bang 2'. There will some big changes regarding SLi, the first being SLi multi-monitor support. This will allow users to run more than one monitor when in SLi mode, which will be a bonus for multi monitor gaming. Nvidia have also made changes to how cards can be paired up, with users now being able to pair cards like AMD/ATI users can. You should be able to pair a 9800GX2 with a single 9800GTX.

The new drivers will also come with the OpenGL 3.0 API, which is a major improvement and has been delayed for over a year now. Some new video features are included.  PureVideo Transcoder, a GPU-accelerated video encoder and 10-bit DisplayPort on Windows Vista. The DisplayPort is said to achieve the colour level offered by HDMI 1.3, the so called "billion colours". GPU Physix for older Geforce cards support will also feature.

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