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NVIDIA Boosts Graphics Support For Windows 7 Users

Nvidia have just announced the immediate availability of their latest drivers for users on the Windows 7 beta. This is release represents the start of continuous updates for the Windows 7 platform, which is the first operating system from Microsoft to fully utilise and integrate the GPU for both graphics and parallel computing.

GeForce drivers 181.71 fully supports the new Windows Display Driver Model v1.1 (WDDM). When powered by an Nvidia DirectX 10 GPU the WDDM v1.1 provides an optimal experience for Windows 7 users. These 181.71 drivers include improved performance and reliability in the Windows 7 environment, with both 2D and 3D applications benefiting from this increase, as well as the Windows 3D Aero desktop.

Dwight Diercks, vice president of software engineering at Nvidia said :
We expect that all of our hard work teaming with Microsoft over the past two years will pay off for GeForce GPU owners when Windows 7 officially launches. Our customers are demanding an experience that is faster and more visual, and with the addition of many new GPU-accelerated features, including DirectX Compute, we believe Windows 7 will be well positioned to meet those needs.

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