Nvidia’s GTX 400 Series Cards Coming This March 26 Page: 1

Nvidia has confirmed that it will be launching its GTX 400 series graphics cards – codenamed ‘Fermi’ – on March 26. As clarified on Nvidia’s Twitter account, the cards will be officially unveiled at PAX East 2010.

The market has been buzzing with excitement for several weeks now over the expected launch of Nvidia’s Fermi-based cards; these will be the card manufacturer’s first chips with support for DirectX 11. It is the first time that Nvidia has had to play catch up with AMD who introduced the technology in its graphics cards months back.

At launch, Nvidia will be introducing two cards in the form of the GTX 470 and the GTX 480. The new launches will take Nvidia to the next level in graphics cards technology. Both cards have been designed using the latest technologies in parallel computing and feature 512 CUDA Cores, Parallel DataCache, Nvidia GigaThread and EEC support.

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