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Nvidia forced to cut the price of its cards
Now more than ever is the time for bargain hunting. AMD's recently released 4800 Series cards are really causing a stir in Santa Clara, Nvidia's heart land. Sure Nvidia still has the goods when it comes to straight out performance but the 4800 series cards, and in particular the HD 4850, has the best price to performance ratio.
Subsequently, Nvidia is adjusting its marketing strategy on its GeForce 8800 cards to avoid what has all the signs for a big sales decline on the high-end. Nvidia really has to do something to make these cards more appealing, and the big winner is going to be you the consumer.
The new GTX 200 looked like a solid design, but it appears that AMD’s Radeon 4800 is shaking the ground in Santa Clara once again and we may be seeing a time in which Radeon desktop cards are gaining market share again. Nvidia products are experiencing substantial price drops
There are already reports that some GTX 200 series cards are now 25% cheaper than just a week ago.
Which way will you be heading for your next graphics card upgrade, Nvidia or ATI?
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