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Nvidia to bundle FarCry 2
Sources show that a few of Nvidia's partners are going to be shipping their more expensive graphic cards with a full copy of FarCry2. This has a very similar setup to the Crysis bundle a few manufactures made last year but according to reports Nvidia's partners won't need to pay as much for it.
At the moment Nvidia is feeling desperate as the company hasn't been the underdog for a very long time so they are having to use every trick in the book to catch up to ATI. Two options they have are either add some free gifts into the bundle or lower the prices of their GPUs. Naturally, Nvidia has gone for the cheaper option and has chosen to add FarCry 2 too some of their partners bundles.
Nvidia is hoping that the extra incentive of a free copy of FarCry2 will result in more sales. The irony in this situation is that FarCry2 has a few DirectX 10.1 features which not a single Nvidia GPU can support, Nvidia is more interested in DirectX 11.
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