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NVIDIA plan to demonstrate Fermi at SC09
One of the most anticipated product launches of recent times, the NVIDIA Fermi DirectX11 graphics card, has had an inauspicious start. The details surrounding the demonstration by NVIDIA boss Jen-Hsun Huang at GTC 09 are well known to everyone, but in case you've been living under a rock he produced a card that he claimed was the real product, whereas actually it was just a bare PCB.
The publicity surrounding this undoubtedly was bad for NVIDIA and they made a good effort of attempting to stem the bleeding with a variety of press releases. However, most people thought that the timing of the announcement, right on top of ATIs release of the 5xxx series, was nothing but a cheap attempt at diverting the public gaze from Team Red to Team Green.
Like everything though, if the card itself is truly outstanding it will all be forgotten in a moment. NVIDIA have announced on their website that they will be demonstrating the Tesla variant of the Fermi core at the upcoming SC09 Show, held between the 17th and 19th of November 2009. So if you're in Portland Oregon and want to pop along to booth 2365, you should be able to :
See “Fermi” in Action. Come see a live demonstration of the next generation CUDA™ GPU computing architecture, codenamed “Fermi”. The Fermi-based Tesla™ GPUs are mass market parallel processors and fuel the HPC industry’s transition to parallel processing. Compared to the latest quad-core CPUs, the Fermi-based Tesla GPUs deliver equivalent performance at 1/20th the power consumption and 1/10th the cost.
It might not be the eye-candy. DirectX 11, gaming demonstration we're all waiting for but it should hint at the power available.
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