NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX on 2nd April Page: 1
NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX on 2nd April

NVIDIA has finally come forth with a launch date for its GeForce GTX 275 – 2nd April. The date coincides with the one announced by AMD for the official launch of its Radeon HD 4890 and is expected to further heat up the already hot graphics card market.

The AMD Radeon HD 4890 has been a hot topic of discussion on the web in the last few days, with talks about retailers receiving stock of the card and benchmarking it. The price of the 4890 has also been established at around £230. So far, NVIDIA has been quiet about its new GeForce GTX 275 card. While specifications of the new card are already available, details about a launch date have been sketchy.

Now seemingly, the company has brought the launch date, which was expected to be mid-April, forward to 2nd April. This will put it head-to-head with its main competitor AMD. While surprising, the early launch makes it interesting to see if either party manages to get a hard launch going or just goes ahead with a paper launch.

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