Nvidia to move to 55nm in 2H08 Page: 1
Nvidia to move to 55nm in 2H08
In a bid to cut costs Nvidia are reportedly moving to a 55nm production before the end of this year. Last week we brought you news that Nvidia's next generation of GPU's would support DirectX 10.1, and that notebook GPU's would be the first to receive the new API. Interestingly, the Chinese-language Commercial Times has reported that Nvidia will in fact have 4-5 new GPUs produced under 55nm before the end of this quarter, before advancing to full 55nm production in the second half. Both Nvidia and ATI are also expected to have completed their 40nm tape-outs by the end of this year.
Currently, Nvidia's GT200 and G92b GPUs have already adopted a 55nm process and the company's mid-range G96, which will launch by the end this month, will come in both 65nm and 55nm versions. However, the company's upcoming GPUs including G94b, G96b and G98b, which are scheduled to launch after August, will all use a 55nm process from either Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) or United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) with average costs expected to drop around 20%...
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