Nvidia to phase out 8800GTS in favour of the new 9800GTX Page: 1
8800GTS set to be shelved while the 8800GT lives on

Fudzilla have reported that with the launch of the 9800GTX, Nvidia now plan to phase out the 8800GTS series.  With both cards being based around the G92 chip, the thinking seems to be just market the more powerful GTX which boasts support of Hybrid Power, Tri SLI and has a bigger, more efficient cooler.

With very little to choose between the two cards performance wise at stock clocks, there isn't much point in having both cards out costing two different prices.  If one had to go, it isn't going to be the brand new GTX.  That said the 8800GTS isn't exactly old.  While the 8800GTS can be had for about £175, the 9800GTX will set you back an extra £25 with prices starting from £200.
Since the release of the GTX, the argument has been 'is it actually worth it'?  The general consensus being that if you already own an 88GTS(512),GTX or Ultra then don't bother with the 98GTX and wait for something completely new.

One big plus of the new GTX though is its overclockability.  People are reporting massive overclocks on stock settings far beyond what is achievable on the 8800GTS thus widening the performance gap a little.
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Think its a wise move from Nvidia to chop the 8800GTS from its line-up and agree that it isn't really viable option to leave both cards in the market?
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