Nvidia to ship at least 130,000 9800 GTX+ units for launch Page: 1
9800GTX+Nvidia's 9800GTX+ finally nearing launch?
It's been reported that Nvidia is set to ship at least 130,000 units of their soon to be released 9800GTX+.  The first card Nvidia are set to release on a 55nm process has had its launch delayed from when it was meant to hit the shelves in mid July.
It now seems that all Nvidia's partners should have enough boards by the end of this month.

As above, the 9800GTX+ is Nvidia's first 55nm GPU and has
been codenamed G92b but as it turns out by looking at
recent reviews, it isn't that much faster than it's 65nm G92 predecessor.
However, one thing this release will accomplish is the inevitable fall in price of the standard older 9800GTX.  At the moment though this isn't the case as the cheapest standard 9800GTX selling on Aria is £181 while pre-orders of the new 9800GTX+ are being listed at £131 on Scan.  Expect this to change pretty quickly upon release of the GTX+.
One thing to consider regarding the relatively small performance jump between the GTX (65nm) & GTX+ (55nm) is that with the coming release of ATI's 4870 X2, it's been rumoured that in reply Nvidia will try to topple it with their new 55nm versions of their 200 series GFX cards.
Let's just hope that they can pull a little more power out of the higher cards by reducing the transistor size than they have managed with the 9800GTX.
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