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A german PC magazine have released information on a benchmark of nVidia's new triple SLI solution, which comprises three 8800GTX or Ultra cards simultaneously! This article was original posted by "Fr3ak" on the VR-Zone forums.

 The German print and online magazine PC Games Hardware had the opportunity to bench Nvidia's tripple-SLI. The benchmarks have been done using Crysis and some other games. Unfortunately a unreleased Crysis build with number 5837 was used which seems to be optimized for triple-SLI. This new patch will be publicy available in a couple days. So far only the 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra are capable of running triple-SLI. What else is needed to run triple-SLI?

- 3 Geforce 8800 GTX or Ultra cards
- a 3-way-SLI_Connectorboard (or as a alternative: 2 very short and 1 very long SLI-bridge)
- a mainboard with 3 PCI-E-x16-slots (680i or the upcoming 7x0i)
- the right Forceware driver (in this case 169.18 was used)
- a PSU that is strong enough to provide enough juice =) Nvidia recommends using at least a 1,100W PSU. The Thermaltake Topower that was used in the test was really stressed. The kill-a-watt-device showed a total power consumption of 819W.The benchmarks were done with a system that Nvidia provided. It's specs are:
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6850 @ 3000 MHz (333x9)
Board: Asus P5N32-E SLI with Nforce 680i-Chipsatz
RAM: 2x1,024 MiByte Corsair Dominator
3x XFX Geforce 8800 Ultra (612/1,512/1,080 MHz)
OS: Vista 32 Bit (Enterprise Edition)

• Crysis Build 3857, PCGH-Ice-Benchmark
• Unreal Tournament 3, PCGH-vCTF-Suspense-Benchmark
• Fear v1.08, int. performance-test
• Company of Heroes, int. performance-test

Driver: Forceware 169.18

This looks awesome, although only for those with serious money and the PSU to match! I would love to see this running with 8800GTs, but unfortunately its not supported at this time.

Original article and link to PC Games Hardware

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Finally, thanks to forum user Azza for alerting me of  this article!