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Official Press Release

NVousPC Corporation™ announced the release of its new Carbon notebook today, which is available on the company’s website www.nvouspc.com. The 12.1” Carbon, is an ultra thin notebook that weighs just 4.5 pounds when fully loaded. The Carbon is among the first notebooks to come standard with the Intel Santa Rosa Platform, and can be upgraded to include the Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 Processor (2.40GHz & 4MB L2 Cache). The Carbon features an embedded biometric fingerprint scanner and supports the new Intel Turbo Memory, which works with Microsoft Vista to place the most commonly accessible software on memory closer to the CPU for quicker response.

Most importantly, like all other NVousPC notebooks, customers can personalize the Carbon with custom paint jobs and graphic design. NVousPC individually paints each machine with a durable high-quality finish, similar to that of a luxury automobile. The company paints the “A” panel (notebook cover) for free, then charges $20, $122, and $76 for the “B” (bezel), “C” (keyboard/touchpad), and “D” (base) panels respectively.

"We wanted to expand our product line to include a slimmer notebook without sacrificing features or performance,” says Oscar Zapata, President and Co-Founder of NVousPC Corporation. ”The Carbon offers consumers that and the opportunity to personalize their notebook in a sleek 4.5 lb package.”

Starting at $1,685, the lightweight Carbon comes standard with an Intel Wireless Draft N 4965 Internal Adapter. This new wireless card provides user with five times the power and double the range of previous wireless adapters. Additionally, the Carbon features an embedded 4 in 1 card reader, integrated Bluetooth module, 1.3 Mega Pixel webcam and high definition audio. The Carbon’s size and features make it the ideal notebook for business travelers, students, and any other users looking for a lightweight high performance notebook with a personal touch.

To find out more about tNVousPC, head to their website here

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