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OC3D at i40

The Great OC3D Give-Away

No we aren't giving away the Scalextric set. Sorry boys. We want to bring it home too.

In pride of place we have two fantastic looking cases. Firstly below right we have the NZXT you saw in our introductory article. Without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much the white and black case with the OC3D branding just looks awesome doesn't it.

OC3D at i40 Giveaways     OC3D at i40 Giveaways  

Here is the big kahuna though. You'll have seen photographs of the BitFenix Colossus both on OC3D and pretty much every other hardware site around. What you see here is the only sample available in the UK. Every single picture you've seen has been of this exact case.

Overclock3D have it.

Overclock3D are giving it away to one lucky gamer at i40.

Yes before anyone has reviewed it someone will be lucky enough to be going home with this gleaming beauty courtesy of Overclock3D and BitFenix.

OC3D at i40 Giveaways     OC3D at i40 Giveaways

Both the NZXT cases, and the BitFenix Colossus, are weeks if not months away from being available to pre-order, much less purchase.

I bet you wish you were there now don't you. Discuss your thoughts in the forums.