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OC3D Benchmark Team: March Member of the Month  

Those of you who do not frequent the forums may not know that we at OC3D have our very own Benchmark Team. The members of the team are constantly pushing their hardware, and often software, to the limits, so to gain as many points for the team and for themselves as possible.

The Bench' Team uses a site called HWBOT to submit the scores from the benchmarks that they've run. HWBOT takes a look at your scores and compares them to other scores created by other users with the same hardware. Beat all the others running the same hardware as you? More points in the kitty.

 OC3D Benchmark Team: March Member of the Month

Each month the OC3D Bench Team Moderator PCTwin puts forward a thread to show who's submitted the most points for the team in the past month. It's all friendly and it gives a good idea as to what the Bench Team members have been up to, as well as a chance to congratulate the member for their fine service. The Team is always after new members, whether you be a benchmark veteran who's seen it all or a complete newbie who wants to dabble whilst helping the OC3D Team out. 
There are a number of threads on the Forum to help you get registered and start to submit your scores, so what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

This addition to the front page is a little delayed, and as such we're going to be congratulating Forum member Stonecoldmurphy for being awarded the title of March Member of the Month. Over the course of the month, Stonecoldmuphy made 21 submissions for the team, yielding him and the team an impressive 119.4 points. 

Want to congratulate Stonecoldmurphy on being March Member of the Month? - you can do in the Forum Thread HERE.
Fancy joining the Team? - then you need to visit the OC3D Benchmark Team Forum.