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OC3D Exclusive: Alphacool back with a vengeance

In approximately nine days time alphacool will be back! For those of you left wondering when the German based company would be back with some new and innovative gear, then your wait is almost over. With a totally revamped website ready to go live, and a host of new water-cooling hardware...Alphacool will be back with a vengeance. As the time-clock ticks down, you can rest assured that something special is about to be unveiled.

alphacool countdown timer

...And that something special is what you, our valued readers/members will be getting an exclusive sneak peek at today.

For some time now Alphacool have been very quiet on the water-cooling front. Although it was business as usual supplying their regular customers; news and reviews of their cooling hardware seemed to fade almost into obscurity. Not one to rest on their laurels, Alphacool has decided that it is time to get back to where they once were - producing quality waterblocks that not only performed well, but were exceptionally good looking too.

Anyway, I know that you are all itching to see what Alphacool has to offer and so I'll delay the unveiling no more....

NVIDIA 8800 waterblocks



NVIDIA 8600 waterblocks

Nvidia 8600

CPU waterblocks

X2 cpu waterblock

X2 highflow plexi

X2 bold highflow



Now I haven't received any details on any of the products that you have seen here today, but you can rest assured that we will as we get closer to the unveiling. Further, OC3D will be getting samples of the new Alphacool products to review so that we can assist you our valued readers in making an informed decision.

In addition to the revamped product lineup, the product packaging has also seen an update. So be on the lookout for it!

neXXos packaging

Regardless of whether you are new to water-cooling or you are a dedicated enthusiast, you'll have to agree that Alphacool have some gorgeous looking gear in the making. So for now enjoy the sneak peek we have displayed here, but in the very near future expect to see Alphacool back with a vengeance...

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